What Are The Best Grow Lights For Your Specific Plants?


Grow lights are becoming more common every day as indoor gardening is becoming popular, but like every other product on the market, there are numerous options available to today’s consumer. Consumers become overwhelmed by all of the options and find it hard to make a selection for fear of choosing the wrong lights. This is a valid worry since the variation of lights directly affects the growth of plants. Deciding what the best grow lights are is essential in the nurturing of baby plants.

Some lights are specific to certain types of plants while some can be used on a variety of different specimen. Some lights give off more heat than others give and may not be ideal for small enclosed rooms, while others do not give off as much heat making them a good choice for a small indoor closet garden. Choosing the correct light is essential to grow healthy, thriving, fruitful plants.

If a consumer is looking to grow vegetables and/or herbs, he might want to look in to purchasing fluorescent grow lights. These standard fluorescent lights are also good for starting out with seedlings. However, consumers need to be aware that not all compact fluorescent grow lights (cfl grow lights) are created equal. For example, white fluorescents do not offer the same performance as standard lights, while compact lights offer even more intensity and are generally used for larger plants, rather than herbs.


LED grow lights are becoming more popular now due to the relatively inexpensive purchase price, their long lifespan, and their aesthetic appeal. These lights are used for a variety of plants including vegetables and flowers. For growing vegetables, it is said that blue LED lights are the most successful, while deep red lights are preferable for fruits and flower growing.

There are also lamps available that support two or more different bulbs, known as convertible lamps. These lamps are compatible with both metal halide bulbs and high pressure sodium bulbs but the bulbs cannot be used at the same time. These two bulbs are what have been traditionally used in the past because they are changed out at the two main stages of a plant’s life. Metal halide bulbs are often used for propagating and growing vegetables while high pressure sodium bulbs are used for the actual fruiting or flowering stage of the plant. Once the plant has reached its maturity, the metal halide bulb is changed out with the high pressure sodium bulb to help enhance the fruiting of the plant. These lights have proven to be tried and true choices for gardeners over the years and continue to be a popular choice for many who have a love of gardening.

While there are many options available to the avid indoor gardener, the light must be selected only after it is determined what plant will be grown, where the plant will be housed, and how often the gardener is willing the change the bulb. Once these specifics have been established, the gardener can then make an informed decision as to what the best grow lights are for his indoor garden.