Sun Systems Grow Lights: The Source Of Life During Cold Winter Months


Sun Systems grow lights give gardeners the ability to keep potted plants, whether transplanted for the cold winter or as permanent residents, the ability to grow indoors with flourishing ardor. Their products come in all varieties of sizes and light spectrum offerings. From sold-separately bulbs to complete-kit systems, they have the right product for any size indoor garden. Moreover, their lighting options include high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs as well as halide metal (HM) bulbs.

People new to indoor gardening may find it hard to believe that light bulbs could produce the kind of light necessary for plant growth. However, for many years, companies have been offering bulbs that emit the proper spectrum for plants to absorb ultraviolet (UV) light. By the same token, research has begun to show that there are a variety of different light colors on the spectrum that aid in the growth and production of foliage, fruits and flowers. The most traditional bulb offered HM light that provoked great production of foliage. Newer designs focus on a mix of HM and HPS light. High pressure sodium grow lights stimulate fruit production and flowering.

Sun Systems grow lights come in both HM and HPS. Their larger products, such as the Sun System AC/DE Air-Cooled Double Ended Reflector 8 in for HPS HSP Lamps Hydroponics are available in 800 and 1000 watts bulb displays. The smaller design includes a 400-watt HM and a 400-watt HPS bulb to provide light that mimics the sun more closely than any other competitor’s product, as the best grow lights in the industry. Priced at around three hundred dollars, dedicated gardeners will find everything they need to grow a sizeable plot beneath this illuminated environment.

Sun System HPS 150 watt Grow Light Fixture with Ultra Sun LampSun System HPS 150 watt Grow Light Fixture at

Gardeners who need an indoor lighting solution but not such broad coverage may enjoy the Sun System HPS 150 watt Grow Light Fixture with Ultra Sun Lamp(Paid link – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.). Though it only comes equipped with a HPS bulb, an extra HM one may be purchased and swapped out as needed (though both varieties alone will keep plants healthy enough to weather the wintertime). The more economic choice retails for about seventy dollars and, as with all of their products, comes with a five-year warranty.

Sun System is among the premium retailers of UV offerings. Gardeners around the states and in Canada rely on their designs to weather plants and produce healthy flowers and crops. The major consideration refers to cost. Other competitors retail product for lower expenses, and have a number of specialized arrangements for keeping plants healthy. However, no company strives to provide the customer care, education and equipment for making indoor gardens thrive.

The popular combination HM and HPS dual growing fixtures, the large and customized sizing options and the extended warranty on Sun Systems grow lights make the company the choice retailer for indoor environment control for flowers, herbs, vegetables and aesthetic plants. Customers who are interested in purchasing any of their models can utilize to find the cheapest prices and a full selection. A healthy indoor garden is an enviable prize. Devoted gardeners are happy to supply the nourishment for flourishing growth from sunlight to nutrient delivery.