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How To Buy CFL Grow Lights

Growing plants indoors is a hard thing to do without having them dry up and die from lack of sunlight. You can always move them from place to place to get the sunlight they require but that becomes difficult after they start to grow and flourish as their stalks are still forming and are relatively […]

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Indoor Grow Lights – Choosing The Correct Light Spectrum

The light spectrum and how important it is while using indoor grow lights. Plants being grown outdoors rely on sunlight to provide them with a full range of light spectrum due to the lack of sunlight that reaches indoors hydroponic lights are available to duplicate the suns lights spectrum for your plants. While growing indoors […]

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A Low Price Option For Indoor Grow Light

If you are trying to decide if having indoor plants can be an option for you, there are now ways for you to do this that are more affordable than what you may know about. Using halogen grow lights landscape plants will allow you to have this option without breaking the bank at the same […]

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HPS Grow Light – Flowering And Budding

HPS grow light, or High Pressure Sodium lights are classified in a group called HID or High Intensity Discharge lighting. HPS lights are used during the flowering or budding time of growth in a plants life this is due to the spectrum of light that is given off by theses types of grow light systems. […]

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Using LED Grow Light: A Great Way to Save Money

If someone is having difficulty with the rate at which their plants are growing, they may want to consider the lighting they are using. Some of the lighting that is on the market does not help the plants to thrive but rather kills them because they run too hot. It is important for plants to […]

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