Mounting Heights For Your Indoor Grow Lights


Hanging your indoor grow lights is a crucial factor on your indoor grow.

If your lights are to high your plants will not be receiving enough light which will cause them to grow tall and slender stretching there stem in order to find the light. This will make it harder for them to carry there flowers or buds when they mature.

The height of your grow lights will be changing as your plants mature. If your plants ever get to close to the light and are left like this for to long burning can occur you will see these burn marks on the leafs of your plants.

A good way of checking to see if there is excessive heat on your plants is to place your hand palm down on top of your plants. If you feel your hand is burning it is most likely that your plants are to close raise the indoor grow lights higher above the plants until desired heat is reached.


As light moves away from its source (the lamp) it diminishes as follows: 1/distance2. For example: 1ft = 1000 FC, (Foot Candle) 2ft = 250 FC, 3ft = 111 FC, 4ft = 63 FC, 5ft = 40 FC.

Typical Mounting Height

  • Low watt systems 12″ to 24″
  • Medium watt systems 12″ to 36″
  • High watt systems 18″ to 48″

Average Coverage Area By Wattage

  • 150/170 watts covers approx 2′x 2′
  • 250 watts cover approx 3′x 3′
  • 400 watts covers approx. 4′x 4′
  • 600 watts covers approx 6.5′x 6.5′
  • 1000 watts covers approx 8′x 8′