Indoor Grow Lights – Choosing The Correct Light Spectrum


The light spectrum and how important it is while using indoor grow lights.

Plants being grown outdoors rely on sunlight to provide them with a full range of light spectrum due to the lack of sunlight that reaches indoors hydroponic lights are available to duplicate the suns lights spectrum for your plants.

While growing indoors the light spectrum is needed to reenact the sun at different times of the year to achieve steps in your plants life.

This will require different light spectrums for different stages of your plants life.


Seedling’s and young vegetating plants use a blue light spectrum in order to mature and grow. after your plants mature they are ready to reproduce, flower, or fruit this will require a change in your indoor grow lights from a blue light spectrum to a red or orange spectrum.

A lot of the indoor grow lights use only one of these light spectrums at a time usually red or blue however there are others that are full spectrum grow lights which are used for all stages of your plants development meaning you will not have to change light spectrums when your plants change from vegetative state to flowering.

While this is not the only factor that determines how your plants grow and produce it is a very important step to reaching a fruit full end.